We would like to start off by apologizing if our systems and service have not met your expectations up to this point. Our team strives to help you grow your business whenever and however we can. We want you to feel comfortable voicing your concerns to us, because we truly are here to help. Although we are a ‘Done With You’ program, and do not actively monitor campaigns, there are a number of things that we can help look into to make sure you are as successful as possible, once we know that you’re experiencing issues. Below, we’ve listed out common areas of concern, and some examples of how we would research those concerns to help troubleshoot your account moving forward. 

Lead Flow Concerns

If the lead flow (quantity of leads) that you’re receiving is a concern, please notify our support team so that we may begin an audit of your ad accounts, and see if there are any changes or optimizations that may be helpful. 

Here are some of the things that our team would look for in your account:

  • Are your advertisements targeting too small of an area? This can lead to a small audience size that will yield little results. Additionally, targeting too large of an area with a limited budget, can also yield little results. 

  • Have there been too many changes made thus far? Making frequent changes to the same advertisement will restart Facebook’s learning process, and greatly hurt results. 

  • What amount of ad spend is the advertisement running with? The recommended ad spend for the Purchase Campaign is $10/day, and the recommended ad spend for the Refi Campaign is $20/day (as we typically see a higher cost per lead for this category).

  • Have there ever been any spending limitations placed on your account? Limits like this will cause Facebook to turn off the ad until the limit has been reset. 

  • Have there been any ad account restrictions that we need to address and help you resolve?

  • Are there any technical issues with the connection of your account? If at any point, your Facebook Page disconnected from the CRM, the leads would not be pulling through correctly. 

Lead Quality Concerns

If your concerns are more about the quality of the lead (what they are looking to purchase, what their estimated timeline is, etc,) there are some different items that we would be looking into.

  • Have you placed any disqualification benchmarks on your survey funnel? This can help prevent leads from clogging your pipeline if they do not meet your qualifications. However, placing too many disqualifications may hurt your lead flow, it can also make better use of your time when reaching out to leads. 

  • Are there any repeat concerns that you’re seeing across your leads? If so, we may be able to add in additional survey questions to help filter those out in the beginning. 

  • Are there any targeting adjustments that we can make to better your quality? We trust that you are the expert on the area that you work in, so if there are certain cities or counties that you feel results in better leads, we can help make some changes (as long as it doesn’t limit audience size too heavily).

Low Engagement With Leads

If your concerns are more about lead responsiveness and engagement, we are able to do a deep dive and audit how your conversation and appointment history has been going. 

  • Are you communicating with each lead within the CRM? We find that if you contact your leads from outside of the CRM (ex: with your personal cell phone), that your conversion rate drastically decreases. This is because our automated follow up campaigns are coming from the CRM phone number that was set up during your  onboarding process, and if the leads are also receiving communication from another phone number, they tend to think that it is spam, and will likely ignore both numbers going forward.

  • Have you had a chance to complete the Lead Conversion & Follow Up training in our portal? These materials will help you with best practices, and will also provide direct scripts on how to best follow up with your leads. 

  • How often are you checking the Conversation tab within your CRM? Speed to Lead is a huge factor in how you’re able to convert your leads. We recommend checking your Conversation tab for incoming messages at least once every few hours, but we also recommend downloading the mobile app (LeadConnector) so that you do not miss any messages from your leads. 

  • How often are you making proactive outbound phone calls to your leads? We recommend calling each lead a minimum of 3 times within the first 30 days that you received their information. On average, it takes 12-15 touch points before an internet lead will engage in your conversation, and while our system will send out texts and emails, a phone call is always more likely to get the conversation rolling faster. 

  • Are you attending every appointment that your leads schedule with you? It is important to be prompt and show up for every single appointment that is booked with your leads. No showing an appointment can leave that lead feeling unimportant, and may cause them to no longer want to work with you. 

  • Do your leads have enough options when looking at your scheduling link? It is important to have a variety of appointment slots (morning, afternoon, and some early evening if possible). Have you placed too many restrictions on the times that your leads are able to book on your calendar?

System Setup Concerns

If the concerns you have are related to the CRM that we set up for you, we are able to provide materials that will allow you to customize your system and make sure that you are set up for success. There are some pieces that we are able to directly take care of for you, but we will provide training on most items related to the CRM and its functions. The changes that can be made in the CRM include, but are not limited to:

  • Customizing the drip campaigns to be tailored to your liking (keep in mind that drastic changes to the drip campaign wording may void your agreement).

  • Changes to the website

  • Changes to the pipeline stages to help with further organization

  • Uploading past databases of leads

Marketing Content

If you have concerns about the marketing materials or advertisements that were originally provided by Zale, we can first look into making adjustments as previously mentioned above. Additionally,  if you have marketing materials that you’d like to provide, we can help set up the materials on a technical basis to make sure they are connected properly between Facebook & the CRM. 

Our advertisement build and CRM system have been tested and proven to be successful. It is because of our systems and processes that we are able to guarantee a closing within 5 months. 

Because you are the lifetime owner of the system you purchased, you are welcome to utilize it as you wish, making adjustments as you see fit. Our support team is more than happy to help you make adjustments within reason that you believe will be beneficial.

However, once you have strayed from the build and processes we give you, we can no longer guarantee a closing following that funnel and technique. Because Zale Marketing is not able to guarantee success, you will not qualify for a refund should you not receive a closing within 5 months. 

This support article will walk you through the process of requesting smaller changes to the existing build that Zale provided. Our marketing team can typically have this ready within 3 to 7 business days provided there are no follow up questions or issues along the way: https://support.zalemortgage.com/en/support/solutions/articles/72000545202-ad-change-request-solar-clients

This support article will walk you through the process of creating an entirely new advertisement. You will be asked to submit the exact headline, ad copy, and image that you would like for us to use, and these requests can typically be completed within 3 to 7 business days provided there are no follow up questions or issues along the way: https://support.zalemortgage.com/en/support/solutions/articles/72000545199-custom-ad-request-solar-clients

Marketing Platforms

If you’ve had a chance to review your account with the support team, and feel that you’ve exhausted these troubleshooting steps with your advertisements, we have other avenues that you can look into. Some advertising platforms may not be the solution for the area that you’re in, and we’re more than happy to help you test out other platforms to better your success. 

Zale Marketing provides support and advertising options for a number of platforms including Facebook, Google, Youtube, and TikTok. Each of these platforms offers a few different options for campaigns and each comes with its own set of pros and cons. 

Please take a look at this following support article to run through our available platforms. If you are having trouble deciding what might be best for your area, the support team is happy to help discuss this with you: https://support.zalemedia.net/en/support/solutions/articles/72000540143-marketing-platform-overview

Proceeding with a Cancelation Request

If after reviewing our troubleshooting and optimization options, you would still like to pursue a refund request, our team can help you with a few next steps. If you run into any confusion throughout these steps, please let us know and we will help guide you in the right direction.

Our process begins with you reviewing your account history, and providing some key details and context through a form. You will be asked to provide important dates from your time with us (such as the date you purchased, the date you onboarded, etc.), and you will also be asked to provide some documentation (screenshots of your appointment history, call records, etc.) to help us review your eligibility. 

Once submitted, your formal request will go directly to our escalations team. At that point, a member of the escalations team is going to review your submission, take a look at your CRM, and ad account to perform some additional audit steps from our side. After completing their audit, the escalations team will then reach out to discuss your concerns, their findings from the audit, and the status of your account. During this call we will also discuss and determine the best course of action for your account moving forward. 

Please note that a review of your account is not a guarantee or indication that you will receive a refund. Refunds are granted based on eligibility as written in your agreement. Full or partial refunds will only be granted if all of the stipulations of your signed agreement have been met. 

If you would like to move forward with a formal request of a refund please follow this link to submit the required documentation: https://form.jotform.com/221216215156142